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Company Secretary (CompS) is a profession which requires a little to explain its dimensions. Company Secretaryship is a complete profession with multifarious job responsibilities. CompSworks with all segments of an organisation. They function as a coordinator between all departments. Though they work basically on matters relating to legal & company affairs, but it is a task of unbridled variations and dimensions. They contribute to the company in a non-exposure approach. CompS works on different areas but primarily secures the basics of regulatory compliance of an organisation. The Board of Directors is the heart of an organisation. But everything rotates round the CompS. So he is in the centre point.

CompS's Highest professional degree is Chartered Secretary(CS). It starts by admitting as student, then Associate member and then mature as Fellow member. Besides, learned CA & CMA professionals are also working as CompS in Bangladesh. In the corporate world of the first developed countries, FCS, FCA & FCMA are well known as equal professional degrees.

Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Bangladesh (ICSB) -is the only institute to provide such CS degrees in Bangladesh. ICSB started its function in Bangladesh lately comparing to ICAB & ICMAB. But with the short span of time this profession is flourishing quickly. Demand of these CS professionals is increasing day by day in the business organisations. In year 2010, Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Bangladesh (ICSB) established under an Act of Parliament i.e. Chartered Secretaries Act, 2010 (Act no. 25 of 2010) came into effect. The Companies Act and other relevant laws & regulatory bodies are gradually co-opting the professionals in Bangladesh. It is expected that within a shortest span of time CompS will be in the driving seat of any organization as an ideal coordinator and resource person for the legal matters.

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